Although her poems have appeared in such magazines as Mudfish and Perspectives, this is Lynda Caspe's first book of poetry. Many of these poems deal with surrealist imagery, form, color, and the complexities of being an artist, poet and single mother at the same time. Samuel Menasche, winner of the Poetry Foundation's Neglected Masters Award and a reader of this book, said, “Lynda Caspe’s poetry means a lot to me.”

Two hundred copies of Buses Don't Go There were printed at Innnerer Klang Press by Mark Olson in 14pt Bembo type letterpress. The book was published and designed by John LeBow. The cover was designed by John Goodrich. One hundred and fifty copies are signed by the author. Twenty-six of these are hardcover, with a cover image of a watercolor by the artist, photographed and printed by ink jet on Rives paper. In addition, each hard cover has an original watercolor sewn into the book.

The original watercolor has been acquired, along with the rest of the original papers, by the University of Delaware. 

PDF of hardcover edition
Buses Don't Go There